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🚀Today we LAUNCH on WeFunder

We’ve FINALLY launched ReelwUrld on WeFunder!

You can now invest in what we believe will be the future of the Film, TV, and commercial production industries. We’re building a world where movies and shows are made with the audiences that love them—and where fans participate in the story as characters, writers, directors—to create a new cultural standard.

Since we launched exceeding the $50K minimum funds required (THANKS everyone that has already invested), we qualify for our first official email blast from WeFunder to their network of about 1 million investors, which happened this morning. AND next Friday we’ll have a public interview with one of WeFunder’s media investors. TODAY IS A BIG DAY.

Big enough for a special launch video from our lead investor, Ryan Kerrison. His belief in what ReelwUrld is and can become is beyond motivating to our whole team.

Many of you in our network have been instrumental in getting to this moment and we’d love for you to take this next step with us as an investor in ReelwUrld. Early investors receive a 30% discount on the share price until we hit $150K, after which shares will be at full price. Here’s the link to our refined page on WeFunder with our snazzy new launch graphics:

With the deepest sense of gratitude, we must thank ReelwUrld’s general counsel, Mark Hiraide, without whom we would not be in any position to launch an equity crowdfunding campaign. Mark was always ready and eager to work into the night to make sure everything was done to perfection. Mark’s deep history in molding the equity crowdfunding ecosystem has placed our entire team in the most unique of positions.

Today we officially go forth to build out a vision that is as big as the entire world and will span across lifetimes. We look forward to welcoming all that join us on WeFunder. Thanks as always for the love and support.

With Love & Excelsior!

ReelwUrld (Jan, Andra, and Autumn)


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