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Our Impact Mission

ReelwUrld fosters a culture of action-takers by empowering audiences to treat themselves with the same reverence as their favorite characters from movies and shows. 

Our core belief: By inviting the audience into the movie-making process, we shrink the gap between story and impact


What we do: We are the process for receiving knowledge and inspiration from a movie and actually doing something with it in the real world.


Why we do it: Most people do nothing when they're inspired by a movie. How do we get them to act in the real world? Put them in the movie.

Our first show made with the audience as creative collaborators, Justice For Hire, has more than 450 cast members worldwide. 

Justice For Hire Trailer (2022) →

Impact Timeline

January 2022--We launched our app! (officially)

Our first show made with the audience, Justice For Hire, now has its own app. Our community has a proprietary place to come together and create together. This blog post takes you back to that day. 

March --Celebrating new heroes across the globe

We average ~1 new a hero a day on the app and their hero profile videos prove they are ready to embody the POSITIVITY and CHANGE they want to see in the world. Our CEO Jan writes about why there isn't more positivity in modern entertainment and the model that can change that here. 

April--Our 1st Times Square event

We've teamed up with WarnerMedia's Urban Action showcase to host an action scene remake competition. Finalists will have their scene screened at the AMC theater in Times Square NYC in November to a panel of martial arts icons and action filmmakers.


Ensuring our community has access to our professional network is one of our core principles.  We're proud to welcome all NYC cast members to the showcase. 

June--Our cast gets their own custom action figures

We partnered with action figurine company Dopl to offer custom action figures to our cast members. Our social filmmaking process incorporates the alter-ego effect: When you create an alter ego that is the best version of yourself, you will eventually become that alter ego. 

July--Development deals @ San Diego Comic-Con

“The future of Comic Con is us celebrating the characters we create.”


We gave out three production deals, spoke at the Superhero Kung Fu Extravaganza panel alongside martial arts icons, and hosted two events. We even had one of our cast members attend the Con with us. Hear his personal story at the end of the video below.

August--Our first real marketing campaign

Tangible, incredible things happened because our CEO drove lift. We found an events manager, we got our first ever publicist Lisa Malcolm of Lynk PR, new investors flooded to our Wefunder, and new cast members on the JFH App all came within a few weeks of driving Lyft. 

It’s important to us to share this story with you, because it’s about PURPOSE & FOLLOW THROUGH by any means. That’s the spirit that fuels our growth.  

pre-2022--We partnered with #WashTheHate

#WashTheHate is a non-profit with the mission of stopping the rising number of hate crimes against Asian-Americans heightened by the pandemic. One of our OG cast members, Vintij, created a short film within the Justice For Hire universe to raise awareness for the campaign.


This is an example of how our storytelling processes can amplify social causes by helping everyday people tell their stories. 

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