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The Value Add #1: High Performance Mindset w/ Ryan Kerrison

Welcome to the first episode of The Value Add podcast, hosted by ReelwUrld founder Jan Lucanus.

Welcome to The Value Add podcast. Each episode, ReelwUrld calls upon its network of high achievers to offer tools to help anybody working on anything.

Last Monday, Jan sat down with Pro Race Car Driver and ReelwUrld lead investor Ryan Kerrison. Jan and Ryan discussed Ryan’s experience performing at the world class level—in sports, media, and finance—and how we can learn from his lateral thinking.

Enjoy, and if you’d prefer to tune into The Value Add live every Monday evening, RSVP here. Tonight’s episode (5pm PST) features former SEC Attorney and ReelwUrld General Counsel Mark Hiraide on the power of equity crowdfunding.

See you soon!


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