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Our UNCUT Winning Pitch and Q&A at the Black & Brown Hollywood Event 🏆

The Polk Institute released their official recording of our 1st place pitch and Q&A at the Black & Brown Hollywood Tech Pitch Competition. I have to give a great deal of credit to Todd Herman and his book The Alter Ego Effect, specifically the final chapters regarding the "superhero ground punch" - the moment when all seems lost for a hero, then they draw upon inner strength to deliver a massive blow that turns the tides of battle in their favor - which gave me a framework for being more direct with my personal accomplishments. This process reminded me that by honoring the reality of my story, it supercharges our team and our community. Often, I've felt like being upfront with what I've done can come off as egotistical or unrelatable, which could translate into people moving away from me rather than towards me (Fear! Oh no!). What I've discovered in my personal research, is that people will judge me regardless of whether I am upfront or not with who I am, what I've done, what I'm doing, and what my intentions are. Therefore, by not being direct, I'm being misjudged automatically. By distancing myself from the concern of judgement, I am more aligned with acting ON PURPOSE. This win is a testament to many modalities working in tandem, including the very valuable "superhero ground punch" process. Thanks Todd. This was a watershed moment in merging my story with ReelwUrld's value proposition, offering it to a diverse crowd spanning experts and consumers, and having everyone share in the excitement. There is no one - no person, group, company, or brand - building cinematic community storytelling the way we are doing it. I feel honored every day to wave the ReelwUrld flag, and am in awe that I have any part in contributing to what we see as bridging the obvious next step in film & television - audience creative participation - to the obvious next step in social media - STORY.

Thanks Gary Polk, all of the mentors, the inspiring keynote on intensity by Ken Atchity (which got me completely hyped before my pitch - I will post soon), emcee AJA BEARD, and judges Will Strickland, April Henry, Simon Balderas, Tom Fuentes, and Noé Castillo.

Big shoutout to our general counsel and my dear Tai Chi buddy Mark Hiraide, and Tim Martinez of Digital Niche Agency (DNA) who conducted a masterclass on equity crowdfunding at the event.

Big win for the team.

I'm almost finished cutting our new ReelwUrld commercial based on this pitch and will share in the coming days.

Thanks for the continued love and support.

With Love,

Jan Lucanus

Founder, CEO, and 1st Customer


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