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Our 1st Action Filmmaking Event in LA (and we're on Fox News!) 🎥🤜☯️

We have our first ticketed event this weekend in partnership with ActNOW, LA’s LGBTQIA+ acting collective. I could tell you all about it, but so could Fox News! The event is focused around people creating characters, learning safe action choreography, and making an epic scene within the world (wUrld) of our first show, Justice For Hire. You can get tickets here:

Fun fact, this event kicks off monthly ticketed events for ReelwUrld/JFH in Los Angeles and New York, and we’ll announce the rest soon. This is a major step forward for our business model, making real (reel) movies and shows with our community around the world in-person and on our app simultaneously. The events also give us a new platform to expand our community and grow our investor base on Wefunder.

I’ll let you know how it goes in next week’s very special update. ;)

Thanks for your hearts and minds on this journey.

With Love,

Jan Lucanus

ReelwUrld Founder


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