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Make Movies w/ the World #2: First Hero Meetup of 2022

Happy almost New Year!

2021 was our biggest year yet and it’s because of all the ambitious new ways the ReelwUrld and Justice For Hire communities came together.

All that ^ and more. Join us Friday, January 7 at 6pm EST for JFH Hero Meetup XXIV on Zoom to celebrate this incredible year of coming together as a community to make history as the world’s 1st show ever made with the audience. You can RSVP right here.

We did intend for Hero Meetup XXIV to happen today so it could be our final Hero Meetup of 2021, but due to covid, we’ve rescheduled it for January 7 at 6pm EST. We hope everyone can still make it. And for those who have never attended a Hero Meetup, it’s a perfect chance to get an inside look into how exactly we are creating a show with the audience as the stars.

At this stage, this entails getting to know all cast members personally, helping the cast develop their original characters, facilitating team-ups, connecting the community with storytelling and filmmaking resources, and most of all fostering a space where everyone feels they can be their most authentic selves, because at its core, that’s what makes a good story.

Please share a Hero Meetup XXIV invite with anyone you know who may be interested in joining JFH as a hero, villain, or client–or anyone who simply wants to watch all this magic happen.

Sending love in all directions.



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