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Lots of Updates This Week

Lots of exciting updates to share, starting with incredible news about the JFH app: Cast Chat is live! This means Heroes, Villains, and Clients can come together inside the JFH app to team-up, collaborate, and get to know each other. Head to to experience it yourself.

Second, we had another successful panel with WarnerMedia’s Urban Action Showcase. We screened a powerful short from our first nationwide mission #WashTheHate. The three heroes who completed the mission to stand up against anti-Asian racism, Vintij, Juice, and Tai Chi Wonder, came on to chat about their experience filming. #WashTheHate founder Telly Wong joined us as well. Check out the full panel below.

And another JFH update because our Heroes are up to so much good it’s crazy. Juice and Sensei Claus passed out mittens to folks who need them in New York City last month. The mittens were knitted by the dearest mother of our co-founder and JFH Hero AK1_Dr (aka Autumn Kelly). Watch below.

Lastly, we’re hard at work on our vision video for our WeFunder campaign. Here’s a photo of our CEO and his son dancing in our local comic book shop to prove how awesome this video is going to be.

As always, we appreciate your support. JFH episode 01 is still turning up with 6.2M views, 4,500 shares, 4,300 comments, 60k new followers. More than 100 new cast members have joined JFH since the episode went viral on TikTok. More to come.


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