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🚨 Last Hero Meetup Before Equity Crowdfunding Begins

Justice For Hire is hosting its 22nd Hero Meetup this FRIDAY. This is the last JFH Hero Meetup before ReelwUrld’s equity crowdfunding campaign launches on WeFunder on Oct. 29, and a great opportunity to meet the cast of our first crowdsourced cinematic universe (aka the show we’re making). The Justice For Hire community is ReelwUrld’s “secret sauce”The JFH cast has built the groundwork for many, many more crowdsourced cinematic universes to come. RSVP here.

This is what we’ll cover:

  • This meetup falls on the deadline of our JFH Action Scene REMAKE Competition, so we’ll talk about what’s next if you submitted to the JFH app and how to support the cast if you didn’t.

  • JFH will have its own shows and movies for anyone who wants to be in them. That’s already happening now, and ReelwUrd’s upcoming equity crowdfunding campaign is integral to their success (launches Oct. 29). We’ll talk about how anyone 18 & up can OWN a piece of ReelwUrld. Allowing our communities to own the company is a key part of the JFH vision.

  • We’ll say goodbye (for now) to the first real-life superhero cast member of JFH, Arachnoid, before he goes off to the military.

Once again, RSVP here. See you FRIDAY.


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