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Hero Meetup XIX on Saturday & What's Next

With the MVP of the Justice For Hire app COMPLETE, the “Enter the Cowboy” shoot wrapped, and a panel scheduled during San Diego Comic-Con week, let's talk what's next.

Hero Meetup XIX will detail all the ways Heroes, Villains, and Clients can get involved in EVERY episode of Justice For Hire right from their hometown (just like JFH Hero Creator, pictured in the event poster above). We'll also discuss the importance and impact of Heroes owning both their characters and their own pieces of the JFH cinematic universe. The community is the key to building something that's never been built before, and we want our cast to share in the success of their content, as well as ReelwUrld’s technology.

Jan will also demo the Superhero Kung Fu Extravaganza Challenge, which is currently live on the app. Ric Meyers, the world’s foremost action film historian, will select submissions to be featured on the Kung Fu Extravaganza panel during Comic-Con week on July 22.

Lastly, Hero Meetups are THE place to meet foundational Heroes, Villains, and Clients in our community. If you’re new and want to be a part of the JFH community, join us!

It all goes down this Saturday, July 17 at 11am PST / 2pm EST on Zoom. RSVP here, or join directly from Zoom (Meeting ID 849 6164 6529).


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