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Make Movies w/ the World #6: We “Made History” w/ Disney

We’re excited to highlight a golden nugget Jeff Gomez, transmedia advisor to Disney’s Star Wars & Marvel franchises, gave us during our podcast.

"We made history at our panel at New York Comic Con,” he said.

Jeff’s ties the subject of our 2020 panel–which was called “Your Cinematic Universe” and was about respecting and enhancing the audience’s role as collaborators rather than consumers–to Disney’s new CEO Bob Chapek announcing a renewed “audience focus” in storytelling for the company in 2022.

“I have beseeched the people at Disney, don't wage war with your customers," Jeff said on our panel, to which Star Wars actor Ahmed Best, also a panelist, replied, "100%. Put it on a T-shirt, Jeff." Watch the clip below.

Jeff credits part of the shift in Disney’s renewed perspective of its audience to our panel, as well as his own thought leadership on Collective Journey Storytelling and Jan’s writings on the future of audience participation in franchise film & TV. "We made an impact," he said.

Jeff is the CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment and an advisor to ReelwUrld. Listen to the entire fourth episode of ReelwUrld's "Value Add" podcast on Collective Journey Storytelling with Jeff on Spotify, Apple, or YouTube.

Also: Justice For Hire, ReelwUrld’s first show made with a crowd, is having its 25th Hero Meetup TONIGHT at 8pm EST/5pm PST. RSVP.

Jan just started live editing the next season of JFH yesterday on Twitch and he’ll need your help to make this the world-changing series it’s destined to be. We’ll talk about that and more tonight.

Why is live editing such a big deal? As Jan live-edits, he’ll need YOU to submit content via the JFH app to be included in the show. The best way to guarantee you are in the show is to do all the missions and challenges on the app RIGHT NOW.

Remember: EVERY CHARACTER AND SCENE MATTERS. So, if your scene doesn’t make it into a particular episode, it’s still part of the universe, and it could be used later, maybe even years later.

As always, thanks for being a part of our community. Please check out ReelwUrld’s WeFunder page to invest in our mission to help a billion people become superheroes in movies and TV shows.

See you soon.


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