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We Hit Another App Milestone

We’ve hit another big milestone this week in the world of Justice For Hire, our first crowdsourced cinematic universe: Cast Chat and DM are live in the app! We can now truly centralize our community’s communication on our app, rather than relying on other social media channels. This is a big deal and we hope you check it out. Visit

ALSO, this coming Saturday we have our latest Hero Meetup (number 18! or XVIII). This will be an important step for our growing cast, as we will share how anyone around the world can make an appearance in our upcoming episode of Justice For Hire filming this June without leaving their hometowns. This is pretty huge, as it showcases how attainable ReelwUrld’s make movies with the word motto really is. Any and all are welcome to attend, even if you’re not yet in our cast. RSVP here.

Last but not least With the help of WarnerMedia’s Urban Action Showcase last weekend, we celebrated three members of our now worldwide Justice For Hire cast by having them as guests on a virtual panel highlighting indie filmmakers and comic creators. Avél Juliette, Vincent Chen, and Z Peoples each created their own short episode of JFH as part of our shared cinematic universe, portraying their respective characters Elixir, Vintij, and Guru Mer Kaba. Watch the full panel here.

As always, thank you for being a part of our community.


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