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Tune In: Today, Live Q&A with Marvel, Star Wars & ReelwUrld Advisor Jeff Gomez

Jeff Gomez, the world’s leading transmedia producer, joins us on tonight’s episode of The Value Add.

Jeff is legendary, with a career spanning across Hollywood, gaming, comics, government, education and more. As CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment, he advises Disney on the Marvel and Star Wars properties, as well as ReelwUrld in our journey to date and beyond.

Come tonight: Monday, February 7, at 6pm EST / 3pm PST. RSVP here and enjoy this fun announcement video below.

Also, we’ve reframed our entire WeFunder page with our new mission statement to help a billion people become superheroes in movies and shows. You'll even see a new intro to our vision video at the top of the page that summarizes everything we do in just 1-minute.

Thank you! We hope to see you tonight.


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