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Tune In: Live Q&A w/ Comic Book Veteran Jan C. Childress (aka Jan's DAD)

Jan here. Today at 8pm EST / 5pm PST I'll be interviewing my father, Jan C. Childress, for ReelwUrld's The Value Add Podcast. RSVP here.

We'll discuss his history in comics as a critic and writer, his experience across Marvel, DC, Valiant, Defiant, and other publishers, and how comics and martial arts (he’s a 4X world champ) combined to influence my upbringing and the foundation of ReelwUrld.

I'm particularly excited to discuss my father's unpublished Silver Surfer book for Marvel that planted a seed in my 10-year-old mind that stories needed to be told with community participation.

You're welcome to join us on Zoom for the live recording and Q&A.

Happy President's Day!


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