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Tune In: 3 Days of Events (Starting Today)

We’re having three, back-to-back events this week. Here’s the schedule.

You probably noticed this email subject didn’t start with “Make Movies w/ the World.” That’s because we’ll be marking all messages that include straight-up announcements with “Tune In.” We’ll approach these emails with brevity.

So, in the spirit of that last sentence, let’s get right to it. We’re having three, back-to-back events this week. Here’s the schedule:

  1. Monday (Today): Meet Pro Race Car Driver and ReelwUrld lead investor Ryan Kerrison at 8pm EST (RSVP). Jan and Ryan will sit down over Zoom to talk about his experience performing at the world class level—in sports, media, and finance—and how we can learn from his lateral thinking.

  2. Tuesday: Jan will be on That Phat Samurai Guy’s podcast at 9pm EST (WATCH). Action is the genre of movies that make us stand up and cheer. Jan will talk about how ReelwUrld’s first show, Justice For Hire (JFH), makes that feeling more real for anyone who wants to join the cast. Plus, he and That Phat Samurai Guy will review some action movies.

  3. Wednesday: Andra, ReelwUrld CTO and JFH app developer, is hosting a beginner’s coding workshop at 6pm EST (RSVP). This is a great place to learn how to start coding or ask questions to sharpen your skills.

We hope to see you in a couple hours!


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