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The Value Add #3: Finding the Unstated Story w/ an FBI Negotiator

ICYMI, former FBI Hostage Negotiator and ReelwUrld advisor Chip Massey joined the pod last Monday. Listen here.

Listen for an illuminating discussion on communication tactics he learned at the FBI, including “Finding the Unstated Story,” a strategy he used during hostage negotiations. Chip also shared the best practices for making sure your perspective is heard, as well as why he believes ReelwUrld is a solution to maximize human expression.

Our next guest on the podcast—3pm PST on Monday—is the world’s leading transmedia producer and ReelwUrld advisor Jeff Gomez. He’s worked with Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar, and more. His insights on “Collective Journey Storytelling,” a concept that has inspired what we do here at ReelwUrld, are unparalleled.

Please RSVP here.

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