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The Real "Hollywood in Your Pocket"

We moved our equity crowdfunding campaign launch on WeFunder to next week as we await our final paperwork for the SEC. We’ll let you know the moment we’re filed in the coming days, and you can still reserve your stock in the meantime. Until then, we’re excited to share a special Halloween ReelwUrld camera test starring our CEO Jan’s son in Michael Jackson’s Thriller:

Given the major focus of our efforts at ReelwUrld are to GUIDE STORYTELLING, the purpose of this screen test is to insert a user into a cinematic story in a way that is quick, easy, fun, and repeatable by countless other users. This exercise of scene insertion differs from truly original guided scene creation, which you may have seen within a playlist from our last email. If not, here’s a screen test to allow any user to create their own sports action scene, also starring Jan’s son beating up his loving dad:

We need to come up with a cool name for these tests, as they aren’t technically camera tests (which tests an actual camera), nor are they screen tests (which tests a person’s on-camera performance). These are more of a… cinema…tech…CinemaTech Tests (get it? “cinematic”). Maybe. If you like it or have better naming ideas, please let us know and we’ll surely give credit for naming it!

Finally, we’ve been thinking deeply about Apple’s iPhone 13 campaign, as it uses the same tagline ReelwUrld has been using for over a year: “Hollywood in your Pocket.” While we love the phone and think it’s a true compliment to what we’re building with ReelwUrld tech, the iPhone alone can’t possibly live up the the marketing tagline. Jan gives a short explanation of why the thinking needs to be bigger than tech in this video shot in front of an iPhone ad:

Sending lots of love to everyone for this Halloween weekend. Thanks for the consistent care & support.

ReelwUrld is testing the waters to evaluate investor interest. No money or other consideration is being solicited; if sent, it will not be accepted. No offer to buy securities will be accepted. No part of the purchase price will be received until a Form C is filed and, then, only through Wefunder. Any indication of interest has no obligation or commitment of any kind.


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