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Start experiencing ReelwUrld technology!

We’ve opened a portion of our Justice For Hire app to the public. Now, anyone can join the JFH cinematic universe as a Hero, Client, or Villain character role via our own platform. Heroes can also take on our 1st nationwide mission, Wash The Hate, and create content to stand in solidarity with the Asian American community. Users, or as we like to call themthe cast also have access to their profile, and will be able see features to be released very soon.

Join the party here:

Three JFH Heroes from our community have already united to answer Wash The Hate’s call. Directed by Vintij aka Vincent Wu, this short film is a powerful showcases of how to deal with anger. It’s also the best example of the kind of content we hope to see more of from the JFH community. When we say JFH is about “fictionalizing solutions to real world problems,” our aim is for people to use cinema to visualize how we can have a better world, and show us steps on how to get there. See how Vintij, Juice, and Tai Chi Wonder accomplished that below:

Quick update our TikTok virality: the first episode of JFH is at 5.1 Million views and counting, 383.1K likes, 3.1K comments, 3.6K shares, and we’re up to 46.1K followers, all from one video. Help us keep the momentum going by taking a look at the clip:

Exciting things in the works. Thanks for all of your support and we hope to see you in JFH.

With Love,


Jan, Andra, and Autumn


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