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Vote for ReelwUrld at SXSW!

We would very much appreciate your support by casting a vote for our "Your Cinematic Universe" panel proposal at SXSW 2021.

We'll talk about how to use technology to harness the collective power and creativity of fans to transform the entertainment landscape. ReelwUrld co-founders Jan Lucanus and Autumn Kelly will be joined by Jeff Gomez, the world's leading mind in transmedia storytelling, and game design educator Aaron Vanek.

Panel Details

Fans create incredible content around their favorite franchises every day—fan fiction, fan art, LARP or cosplay— but other than the occasional shoutout from a brand, there’s little recognition for the fans. In the age of social media, how can we as a culture and community integrate the audience into larger narratives when Hollywood studios weren’t built to be inclusive? Your Cinematic Universe will explore the new frontier of fan involvement in narrative storytelling.


  1. Tech in entertainment has evolved, storytelling hasn't. This must change to transform the entertainment landscape, and we can use tech to do it.

  2. Director in Your Pocket technology gives the audience the power of Hollywood studios and the access to make movies on their phone.

  3. Fans must take back their stories. User-generated fan content is franchise-worthy intellectual property.

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