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Our Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Starts Now!

We've got exciting news heading into the New Year: Our equity crowdfunding campaign is live on Netcapital.

The “U” in ReelwUrld stands for you, because you are who actually brings our vision to life. The equity crowdfunding model truly embodies that vision in every way. We are honored to share in the success of our content and technology.

As you know, ReelwUrld makes movies with the world. We are taking the massive scale of Hollywood movies and shows, and merging it with social media to create a new form of filmmaking. Our technology is like having a film studio in your pocket, and this equity crowdfunding campaign will help us continue to expand our goal of making all forms of entertainment together.

Heading into the New Year, we look forward to a world where everyone creates characters and stories together—as if the world itself is one big cinematic universe, ripe with the authenticity, courage, and integrity that makes both a good story, and a better world.

Thank you for being a part of the ReelwUrld community. You are the future of filmmaking. An investment in ReelwUrld is an investment in your story.

Happy New Year!

Jan, Autumn, and Andra Co-founders, ReelwUrld


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