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Make Movies w/ the World #7: Exclusive Look at *Our First Show*

Hello everyone. It’s Autumn here. We are thrilled to debut a SNEAK PREVIEW of the first scene from Justice For Hire Season 1 and we need YOUR VOTE on whether the series should be widescreen or vertical format.

We’ll screen the scene at Hero Meetup XXVI tomorrow and we’re highly anticipating your thoughts. RSVP here and we’ll see you at 8pm EST/5pm PST on Zoom.

Some context: Jan has been live-editing the next season of JFH, ReelwUrld’s first show produced with the audience, on Twitch and TikTok for the past few weeks. We are still solidifying our visual style for the series and would love your input on whether vertical or widescreen format hits the hardest. If you recall in JFH Season 0, the first episode was widescreen while the rest were vertical. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each format at tomorrow’s meetup.

This scene we’ll show tomorrow stars Ruben Brizuela as his original hero Tai Chi Wonder. We met Ruben at our second Hero Meetup in NYC all the way back in 2018. Now, he’s one of the most active creators in the Justice For Hire community. You’ll also get your first look at UFC fighter Brendan Weaver in action as Cowboy (Season 1’s big villain) and Irene Lee as a JFH Client based on herself.

RSVP here. See you soon.

-Autumn, cofounder


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