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Make Movies w/ the World #5: A Billion Superheroes

Hello everyone. Jan here.

It takes a lot to understand a thing so deeply that you can share it concisely. Tai Chi has taught me that the path toward mastery includes the understanding that small circles produce the greatest centrifugal force.

For years, people asked me for the elevator pitch to ReelwUrld, and nothing I came up with ever clearly articulated the scope and attainability of what I consider my life’s work. I went from “The Next Generation Marvel” to “Make Movies with the World” and more. All of them got me some form of attention that yielded tools for the next stage of growth. I’m grateful for that process, and I’m excited to be able to be concise and clear.

Below, I’ve shared our video that articulates ReelwUrld’s mission to help a billion people become superheroes in movies and shows. It’s less than a minute long.

This same video now precedes our Vision Video on ReelwUrld’s WeFunder page, and is supported by a streamlined update to our presentation outlining how we’re going to achieve scale and sustainability. The journalistic rewrite of the page was led by our cofounder Autumn Noel Kelly drawing upon her experience at Newsweek, io9 and Gizmodo. We’d love your eyes on it and any feedback you may have (feel free to write a note directly on our page at

Also, check out the profound last episode of our podcast with Jeff Gomez, the world’s leading transmedia producer, advisor to Disney, Star Wars, ReelwUrld, and more. Listen on Spotify, Apple, or Google Podcasts, or watch on YouTube below.

We’ll take a break on the podcast for Valentine’s Day and return the following Monday with my father, comic book writer & critic and 4X Tai Chi World Cup Champion, Jan C. Childress.

Thanks as usual for the continued love & support.


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