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Justice For Hire Episode 04 & Enter The Cowboy Event

Big weekend ahead! It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new one for our first crowdsourced cinematic universe, Justice For Hire. Episode 04 is out, which is the last episode of our “Starter Pack.” The whole “Starter Pack,” episodes 01-04, give a sense of the JFH Universe, its rules, and its characters so Heroes, Clients and Villains can start creating on our app.

Next, we’re officially kicking off an exciting new event in our shared cinematic universe: Enter the Cowboy. Cowboy (played by UFC fighter Brendan Weafer) will be filming an all new episode of JFH in New York City, and any Hero can take part in the production right from their home turf.

How? Cowboy is spying and hunting JFH Heroes as part of a bigger plot. To participate, Heroes shoot themselves in-character doing whatever their character does, but with a cowboy hat in the shot (For an example, watch our latest Hero Meetup). Then, they’ll upload the video via the JFH app on the Missions page. Our community and story team will select their favorite videos for inclusion in the upcoming episodes.

As always, thank you for being a part of ReelwUrld. We’re all pioneering this process together.


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