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Just F***ing Help Newsletter 9/25

Introducing the Just F***ing Help Newsletter, a partnership between Justice For Hire and Reelwurld. This is the way to stay in the loop about app progress, events, and what's going down in the community.


Reelwurld will be at New York Comic Con this year! Our panel is on Sunday, October 11 at 2:10p PDT/11:10a EDT. We’re also planning a series of Justice For Hire panels and events for WarnerMedia's upcoming Urban Action Showcase (we won the Best Trailer Award in 2018). Stay tuned for details.


"Fight for the things you care about. But do it in a way that will lead others to join you."—Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Rest in Power, 1933-2020


Kyla Davis was awarded the Arlington Heights Police Department Chief's Meritorious Service Award for her bravery in helping a fellow citizen in danger, via The Chicago Tribune.

"It was fight or flight. I needed to protect us both."


The Marshall Project analyzed hundreds of thousands of political campaign advertisements on Facebook from December 2019 to this month. The data illustrates interesting patterns about how Republicans and Democrats are using criminal justice issues to reach voters.


Journey Challenge 1/15, aka the #HeroPoseChallenge, is still ongoing. Send or DM your Hero Pose video on Instagram. Think of your Hero Pose as the title card of your movie. Remember: All 15 journey challenges will add up to your hero's own mini-movie.


Non-profits such as Invisible Hands Network deliver food to at-risk communities during the covid-19 pandemic. Why not become a volunteer or start a network in your area?

Justice for Hire is a crowdsourced cinematic universe. Join to create your own superhero with your friends. Reelwurld is a tech-based studio that puts the audience at the center of the film, TV and commercial production process.

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