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Enter the Action Scene Competition + Jan Gets Hit in the Face

Huge news: We’ve partnered with WarnerMedia’s Urban Action Showcase to host an Action Scene Competition on the JFH app. All scenes submitted by our Justice For Hire cast will be featured at the Urban Action Showcase film festival from November 12-20. All creators will also be featured on the JFH Panel on November 20 alongside film and TV industry executives, stunt professionals, and martial arts masters.

YOU LIKE BOLD? That’s what this is. We offer events like this to our community because we want our audience to share in the success of their content and our technology. No studio or production company is offering the level of access we offer. Why? Because we believe our network is our audience’s network, and that includes you on this list. We’re producing a show and building a cinematic universe TOGETHER, so we elevate together! This is an important step toward ReelwUrd’s mission and vision for the future.

Watch the announcement video below to see our CEO Jan get hit in the face 5+ times, as well as scenes we recreated from Colombiana, The Raid, and Rocky as examples.

To participate, create an action scene inspired by one of the films having an anniversary this year:

Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury Zatoichi and The One Armed Swordsman Master of the Flying Guillotine Enter the Ninja Big Trouble in Little China The Delta Force Operation Condor Fist of the North Star Double Impact Out for Justice Once Upon a time in China Set it Off Exit Wounds The Raid Haywire Shaft New Jack City Boyz N the Hood Training Day Pooty Tang Colombiana Rocky Raiders of the Lost Ark Escape from NY The Last Boy Scout The Long Kiss Goodnight Mission Impossible Tomb Raider Ghost of Mars Swordfish Green Hornet Head over to the JFH app to get started. We can’t wait to see what you (yes, we’re looking at you!) and the JFH community create.


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