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A New Era for ReelwUrld's 1st Show, Justice For Hire 💪🎥☯️

With nearly 5 years in production with our global community, we released the first video that will usher in our definitive season of ReelwUrld's first show, Justice For Hire. Please watch this 54-second video to see what I mean:

We'll be releasing another version of this video to show how brands or anyone that wants to make a movie or a show with a community can use JFH as a template to build their own wUrld, which will be a key component to our business model. We also have a produced version of our winning pitch from the Hollywood Tech Pitch Competition at the Polk Institute coming soon, and I'll share when we release.

Consider giving us a follow on the ReelwUrld and Justice For Hire social media accounts (TikTok, IG, Twitter, etc.) to see how we’re building on a regular basis. You can build with us by joining the cast of JFH on and/or investing in ReelwUrld on

Thanks as usual for consistent support and more good news coming soon!

With Love,

Jan Lucanus

ReelwUrld Founder & CEO


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