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A Message From Our CEO: ReelwUrld's Vision Video Is Here!

At risk of making this sound too epic, the video below represents a glimpse into my life’s work, the combined efforts of many brilliant and forward thinking people, and something that will live far past our current generations. My film tech startup ReelwUrld is pioneering a new industry of “social-filmmaking” - the process of making movies, shows, commercials and more with the audience participating in producing the content. As part of the spirit of this endeavor, we are pre-launch on our equity crowdfunding campaign to allow anyone to own a stake in the company. You’ll find our vision video - which took over a year to put together - at the top of our WeFunder page below:

Personally, I really put myself out there on this video, as I’m bringing together skill sets that several notable people in my life told me to leave behind at one point or another at risk of being perceived as “flaky." It was a challenge for me to walk into certain rooms embodying all the cares that make up me, so I learned to compartmentalize. That was surely valuable at times, but the risk I continually faced was accepting a less integrated version of myself. I’m a creator and producer that raps and trains martial arts. I grew up in the comics business and studied video games and filmmaking. I build systems and I play in them. That’s me. Therefore, in the video above, I rap, breakfall into comics, talk film, business, and more with the great people that have joined me on this journey.

There’s lots of ways to be supportive here, including:

  • Reserving your investor position (starts at $100). - Investors in the first $150K get perks and over a third of that is already reserved.

  • Following our progress on WeFunder by clicking the “heart” button on our profile.

  • Sharing our campaign with others.

  • Vouching for us by leaving a nice comment on the WeFunder page (I will be sending out more invites for this one soon).

As further evidence of the impact our team and our content is making. Take a look at these strong updates:

  • ReelwUrld’s General Counsel Mark Hiraide (who literally wrote the book on equity crowdfunding) got his progressive new bill passed in California days ago that will give small businesses more dynamic access to crowdfunding.

  • Justice For Hire…if you know, you know.” Words of a fan and cosplayer on social media that is telling their TikTok audience about plans to join our show. We reposted here.

  • Our 23rd Justice For Hire Hero Meetup is Saturday on Zoom and you can RSVP here.

Before I close out, I must share that I went with my family to the LA Immersive Van Gogh exhibit last week (I rap about that here), as well as the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. I highly recommend both. My note here is on the last moments of the Academy experience, where a corridor to an exit has two massive screens on either side scrolling quotes from a slew of filmmakers stating their perspectives of what the future of filmmaking is. There are many perspectives. I honestly believe ours is the most true.

The future of filmmaking is you. It’s all of us. Working together.

LOL I’m fully aware that that statement is so broad that it’s hard not to be true. Yet, it’s sincere. That’s what our vision video is all about, and what ReelwUrld is pioneering with believers around the world. I hope you join us.

Thanks as usual for the love and support.

ReelwUrld is testing the waters to evaluate investor interest. No money or other consideration is being solicited; if sent, it will not be accepted. No offer to buy securities will be accepted. No part of the purchase price will be received until a Form C is filed and, then, only through Wefunder. Any indication of interest has no obligation or commitment of any kind.


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