The future of filmmaking is social

ReelwUrld™ is taking the massive scale of Hollywood movies & shows, and merging it with social media to create a new form of filmmaking.    


We’ve built patent pending technology that acts like a film studio in your pocket. 


Anyone with a phone can join and create, just like social media, but within a story that connects all of the content.  





Your story

Our patent pending technology empowers fans, and gives studios, networks, and brands a completely new way to collaborate.



Your cinematic universe

Social filmmaking

Anyone with a phone can join and create, just like social media––but within a story that connects all of the content.

Great movies have great directors behind them. We simplify the directorial process.


ReelwUrld™ wraps technology around any story in the form of an app––we call these “wUrlds.” This is how we actually makes movies with the world.


Justice for Hire, aka JFH, is our original Intellectual Property (IP) and our first crowdsourced cinematic universe.


The JFH cast includes hundreds of characters created and portrayed by fans worldwide.


We see the crowdsourced cinematic universe model as ReelwUrld’s most powerful offering to the world of entertainment.




Jan Lucanus

Founder, CEO

Jan is a filmmaker, comic book writer, martial artist and entrepreneur. He founded the award-winning media production company Creative Impulse Entertainment in 2003. Jan's life's work integrates the creative power of the audience into the major film, TV, and commercial production process.

Autumn Noel Kelly

Co-founder, Chief of Product Narrative

Autumn is an entertainment journalist and digital editor. She started her career in political strategy, became a staff writer at Newsweek where she helped establish the print vertical "Newsgeek," and later lead audience development at Gizmodo and io9. 

Barry Navidi


Andra Roxana Stanciu

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

Andra is a tech product and innovation engineer. She worked for 10 years as a full-stack software developer in HealthTech and GovTech. In 2017, Andra founded the Global Innovation Consortium——a platform for enabling human-centered innovation through technology and knowledge transfer.

Jeff Gomez


Jeff Gomez, CEO of Starlight Runner, is the world’s leading producer of transmedia entertainment franchises and corporate narratives. He has worked with top studio executives and producers in Hollywood on many of the most successful entertainment brands, extending them effectively across multiple media platforms and increasing their longevity.

Mark Hiraide


Barry is an international producer. He's worked with Marlon Brando, Michael Caine, Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins, Johnny Depp, and is Al Pacino's producing partner. He has developed and packaged projects with studio majors Columbia Pictures(SONY), Universal, Fox, and Warner Bros.

Mark is a securities attorney highly specialized in business finance and raising capital. Formerly an SEC attorney, he is an authority on the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act of 2012 and recently published a book on crowdfunding. 


 + updates 


A (short) 17-year story

Reelwurld is the culmination of Creative Impulse Entertainment’s 17-year, award-winning track record working with major entities across film, TV, comics, gaming, and music. 


Over the last decade, we realized each sector of entertainment has the same challenge: keeping the fans engaged. The solution is to manage audience via direction and social storytelling. 


Reelwurld, Creative Impluse’s subsidiary startup studio, is bringing the unparalleled storytelling qualities of a great film director right to the audience. Our technology, dubbed “director-in-your-pocket" or DYP, will teach and empower fans to tell their own stories within a brand narrative. 


The most dynamic application of DYP is building a cinematic universe with content from the audience, see Justice For Hire above. Leveraging the legacy of Creative Impulse, DYP is positioned to make Reelwurld the premier fandom platform for the world’s biggest entertainment franchises. 


ReelwUrld, 11011 Otsego St #211, North Hollywood, CA 91601


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